Window Shutters Blinds in Western Australia

Finding the perfect window treatment option takes a lot of time and research, especially if you’d like it to last for years to come. You need something that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Flexibility and durability are also factors to consider when making your choice.

Here at Wanneroo Blinds, our shutters could be just the window treatment you’re looking for. They are unique, functional and will be a charming addition to any room. We have one of the widest ranges of shutters in Perth, which means that you’re guaranteed to find the ideal option to incorporate into your home’s existing design.

Because of this extensive variety of interior shutters in Perth, we can cater to nearly any requirement, with each option offering a high level of versatility.


Indoor window shutters can be used for much more than just blocking out the sun and regulating airflow. The louvres in the shutters will allow you to control the amount of light your home receives, as well as the level of privacy that you require. In addition, because of this control, the internal temperature of your home will be managed well too. This could have a positive effect on your temperature control costs. If these shutters are completely closed, they will also help block out any external noise.



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If you are installing blackout shutter blinds, you can rest assured that you’ll get a good night’s sleep as no outside light will penetrate into your bedroom. This could also be a great option for home theatres or any room where the television is situated.

Custom made Shutters Blinds in Perth

Have a look at some of the features of our shutters:

  • Choice of colours and stains
  • 90mm blade sizes
  • Maximum panel width 920mm
  • Hinged, bi-fold or sliding
  • Helps with the insulation of your home
  • It has a privacy lip so there is no gap to let in light
  • Warranty period is two years for stains, five years for standard and custom paint, and 15 years for structural

Even though shutters themselves may seem traditional, they can add a contemporary style to any space, depending on the colour or stain that you choose. They go well in rustic-themed interiors, farm-style homes, or even beach-themed cottages.

Whichever window treatment you require, Wanneroo Blinds can help as we have the best selection of window shutters and blinds in Western Australia. Contact us today for a free quote!